Where Can You Travel To Without A Passport?

The US passport is a very powerful document; one that people outside the country dream to have. If for some reason you do not have it; there are still some places you can travel to without a passport, so it does not matter whether you have lost it, failed to renew it, or never acquired one in the first place.

Ideally, your passport should facilitate your travel to any other country except your own. However, there are a few countries that are US territories, and so they are officially part of the US.

Aside from that; closed loop cruises- a kind of cruise where the port of origin and destination are the same- allow US citizens to briefly visit many Caribbean and Central American countries without the bother of having a passport.

Where Can You Travel To Without A Passport?

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a US territory; one that you can visit without a passport. You do need some kind of government issued ID, however, a drivers, license, or a State issued ID is good enough. What will you find in Puerto Rico? Beauty! Beauty like you have rarely seen before.

Puerto Rico has many white sandy beaches; some in the cities, and others in secluded locations which seem like the preserve of rich people. There are many old forts to visit, as well as a few lighthouses of antiquity. Puerto Rico has many waterfalls, some of which are in remote locations, surrounded by trees and rocks, thereby boosting their beauty.

Puerto Rico has a mild, welcoming climate; people love to come here to enjoy the sun, and to have a good time. This is a great place to visit, no matter the budget.

US Virgin Islands

There are about 53 tiny islands making up the US Virgin Islands. Most notable among them is the island of St. Croix, which stands apart from the others, and which has developed a strong sense of cultural identity. As with other US territories you can visit this lovely country using just your government issued ID card.

Whether you choose to fly or cruise to the US Virgin Islands, the country can give a wonderful holiday experience. There are amazing beaches, some of which are on uninhabited islands; forests, historical sites, and so much more to keep the mind in a constant state of awe.

The music here is distinct, and so is its food. This is a great place to go strolling on the beach during the day, and dancing at night.

Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As a US overseas territory; citizens of the USA can visit this country using only their government issued ID cards. Perhaps the easiest way to get here is to book a cruise; depending on where exactly you live, you have to contact your travel agent to discuss the possibilities.

Why take the trouble? The Northern Mariana Islands contains landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Sandy beaches, shiny blue waters with corals, and beautiful waves for surfing. This is also a great place for scuba diving, kayaking, and sailing.

There are historical monuments to stir up the mind, and there is a non stop party atmosphere here, where people of all ages gather to have fun.

American Samoa

American Samoa is a US Territory; which means you are very welcome to visit. The trouble is that it is an island located in the middle of the South Pacific; which is probably some distance away from where you live.

American Samoa is a lot more socially and economically self reliant; and this shows in the fact that you need your State issued ID, as well as a ticket for onward passage out of American Samoa.

You can get here via air; although it is also possible to sail to Samoa.

You will enjoy the beaches, the climate, the culture, the food, and you can go scuba diving, or even fishing with local boatmen.


Guam is a place of striking beauty, many people miss out on this fact because they just know that the island served US military purposes during the cold war, and continues to maintain a military presence there.

But behold; Guam has beautiful beaches, hiking trails, mountains, meadows, and forests. There is significant nightlife activity even on the beaches, and then you have to try the cuisine, especially the seafood, while having drinks and listening to music.

A visit to Guam that ends in a hotel is a wasted one; this is a place where the outdoors literally call out to you like the girls in shop windows at the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This is a great place for a family adventure; especially when you have your camera handy to capture the moments.


Mexico has been painted in bad light in almost every Hollywood movie you have ever seen, and so very few people even think that there is a reason why they should visit Mexico. This Latin American country has many beaches that are warm and friendly, and that offer all the fun activities that beaches are known for.


Canada is one of the closest countries to the US; the country has very extensive border with America. Interestingly, most of the visitors from the US to Canada arrive there via cruise ships. They have the beaches, hiking trails, and so many other attractions that draw in people from all over the world.


Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory; and you can visit on a cruise ship. You have no need for extra preparation; just talk to your travel agent, or research a cruise ship company.

Bermuda offers much in terms of beauty; you can find historical buildings merging with the landscape to form a rich palette of topographical artistry. You can find caves with stalactites, as well as waters that are great for surfing, scuba diving, or just swimming around in the shallows.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another place you can visit on a cruise ship; it is located in the Caribbean region. The country is a favorite location for the European and American tourists; the beaches here are famous across the world.

Dominican Republic has plenty of Spanish colonial architecture, although most people just prefer to sit on the beaches, and to soak up the sun, while drinking exotic cocktails until they can barely stand up.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a popular relaxation center- a great place for a holiday. Cruise Ships make stops to this Overseas British Territory, which make it great for US citizens who want to enjoy holiday travels without the bother of acquiring passports.

It is unlikely that one can enjoy the full beauty of this island country on such a brief visit, but a visit is a visit, and you can get there on a cruise ship.

British Virgin Islands is not too far away from the US Virgin Islands. Therefore, the culture, food, and music are similar. Rather than have a brief stop at the British Virgin Islands, you can enjoy a lengthier holiday at the US Virgin Islands.


Jamaica is a popular country located in the Caribbean Sea. This is a place with a rich culture, music, and food. Jamaica is also known for the raunchy night life, perhaps more raunchy than anywhere else in the world. Tourism is one of the key sectors in the Jamaican economy; beaches, hotels, forest areas all bring in people from all over the world.

Jamaica is a favorite location for cruise ships; you can visit the country on a cruise ship; and explore the areas around the ports- even going sailing, scuba diving, or surfing. If you do visit Jamaica, try to check out the nightlife.


Belize is a country in Central America; one of great natural beauty. There are deep caves and crevices, many which have become tourist attractions; drawing in people from all over the world. There are also many ruins which serve as relics of Mayan Culture, and which tourists like to visit.

You can also go hiking (with trained guides) in the forests, where you can see wild animals in as natural an environment as you can ever find on earth.

You can visit Belize without a passport, as long as you are on a cruise ship. You can have a taste of what this country has to offer, and make some memories to remember for life.

Costa Rica

You can visit Costa Rica on a cruise ship; and then enjoy the beaches, wildlife, and water-sports, especially surfing and kayaking. One can also go and scuba diving, and so be introduced to a completely different world of underwater wildlife; some of which you never even knew existed.

Costa Rica has many beautiful beaches; but it is the amazing biodiversity that makes it such a must-visit location. Tourism is big in this country, and so one can expect all the goodies that come with tourism hot-spots.


You can visit Honduras on a cruise ship; and when it makes port you can disembark to as to enjoy what this Central American country has to offer. Most people focus on the beaches, and open waters; they love to go scuba diving, and to take pictures of the fishes and corals.

However, there are many relics of Meso-American culture in Honduras; some in vast plains and others hidden away in the jungle. This country has so much to offer to tourists.

St. Maarten / St. Martin

You can visit St. Martin on a cruise ship; this is a country is an island country in the Caribbean Island. The country has both French and Dutch influences. There are many ruins of historic buildings, as well as lighthouses and other relics of a rich past; of when the country was an important trade route and an important pirate stop.

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is popular for its offshore accounts, and its frugal banking system. Many people fail to take note that the perfect weather and the leisurely pace of life are part of what brings in money and people from abroad. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory.

You can visit on a cruise-ship; and then get to enjoy many kinds of aquatic activities, including diving.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an island country located in the North Atlantic. It is part of the West Indies, and part of the British Common Wealth. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that is attested to by the fact it is one of the most important tourist locations, especially among Americans and Europeans.

The Bahamas is a favorite stop for cruise ships; besides it is not too far away from the eastern seaboard of the United States. The Bahamas is has beautiful sandy beaches, a temperate climate, and plenty of music, food, and dancing. This is a great place to be; either as a retiring looking to enjoy life at a casual pace, or as a person just looking to enjoy a holiday.

Turks And Caicos

This is a British Overseas Territory, located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not far away from the Bahamas which shares a similar climate. The Turks and Caicos Islands also has a very important financial sector; although it has not completely overshadowed the tourism sector.

White sandy beaches, hiking trails, and water-sports are some of the things you can enjoy from going to Turks and Caicos.



The above are some of the places where one can go from the US without a passport. These are mostly important tourism centers in the world who make these small exceptions to the rule, and who allow tourists on cruise ships to have a small taste of the richness of their countries, with the hope that they will return at other times, with their passports and wallets, and so spend more time.

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