What To Bring To A Passport Appointment?

Knowing what to bring to a passport appointment can save one the stress of having to reschedule another appointment, and the time wasted in doing so. In fact, it is necessary to get a general idea of how the whole process of getting a US Passport works, so that one is not caught by surprise, but follows through in order to get the passport processed on time.

As a matter of fact this country has one of the most effective passport processing systems; spread across many different locations, and yet synchronized on a single government mainframe. These 26 passport offices act like tentacles of the government, working together to ensure that you and I do not experience any delays in getting our passports.

We only need to do our part, and bring the necessary items when going for the appointment, and then everything works out fine. But that brings us right back where we started.

What To Bring To A Passport Appointment

When going to a passport appointment it is always best to be well organized, and to bring yourself looking well dressed and presentable. This is not just to leave a good impression on the minds of the interviewers but also because you are going to take a picture for the passport. If you have already taken one, you are going to want to look just as good as you do on the picture, so that you do not leave any room for doubt as to your identity.

Also remember that when you visit another country, and land at the airport, someone is going to examine your passport, and take a look at the passport and the picture affixed therein. It is important to give that person a good impression of yourself, and your country.

Documents To Prepare

You need to have a completed Form DS-11.  The DS-11 form is also called the New Passport Application Form, and it is the form to fill in order to get a new U.S Passport, or when replacing an expired U.S. passport that was issued to child under the age of sixteen. It is also used when replacing a lost passport.

You can obtain the DS-11 Form from the Department of State website travel.state.gov or eforms .state.gov among other sources. You will have to print it out, and then fill it in a clear, legible handwriting. Please note that you must not sign the form until you are told to do so by the passport agent or interviewer.

Evidence Of U.S. Citizenship

You also need to bring along your Primary Evidence of U.S. Citizenship; which could be one of the following:

Certified Birth Certificate which is issued by the city, county or state.

Valid U.S. passport, it must not have been damaged in any form.

Naturalization Certificate (for those who have been naturalized)

Or a Certificate of Citizenship

Primary Identification

You will also need to provide a source of Primary Identification. This is to give the interviewer some degree of an idea of your character or personality. You provide one of the following:

Your Driver’s License (must be valid)

Current Government ID (city, state or federal)

Current Military ID (issued to military personnel and their dependents)

Valid previously issued U.S. passport (must not be damaged in any way)

Naturalization Certificate

Two Passport Photos (Optional)

Of course, every passport document has a picture of the person it was assigned to. While some passport offices can take your picture for a fee; you also have the option of coming over with your own passport, which you may have taken at home, or anywhere else. However, please ensure that the passports meet the requirements.

If you are bringing your passport photos along please ensure that they meet the following requirements:

Please take a fresh photo; you may also use one that was taken in last 6 months providing:

The image must be clear; and must show your face clearly. Please do not use filters; this is an official photo, not one for social media.

Selfies are not allowed; have someone else take the photo for you; although there are some tripods with remotes which can help one take the photos for you.

Take off your eyeglasses for your photo. The passport office wants to see your full face.

Please use a white or off-white background for your passport. Please ensure that there are no shadows, texture, or lines. The best light to use for this is natural light.

Please do not wear a cap or any other head covering, except on religious grounds. Even if you do use a head covering, please ensure that no part of your face is hidden, and that the head-wear does not cause a shadow to appear on your face, or in the background of the picture.

Lastly, please ensure that the picture clearly shows your neck and shoulders along with your face.

Applicable Fee

The Application Fee is one of the most important parts of your U.S passport application, without which the Department of State will not process your passport application. This will be paid to the U.S. State Department. Please note that aside from the application fee; you may need to pay an additional amount called an Acceptance Fee; but that depends on the passport office where you are applying.

The fee structure is below:

           Passport Book                

Age Category Type U.S. State Department Application Fee Passport Office Acceptance Fee
Adult First time $130 $35
Adult Renewal $130 $0
Minor – Under 16 $100 $35

Passport Card

Age Category Type U.S. State Department Application Fee Passport Office Acceptance Fee
Adult First time $30 $35
Adult Renewal $30 $0
Minor – Under 16 –No Fees $15 $35


The following are additional services which may be required; but which may cost small charges to be done.

Additional Services Service U.S. State Department Application Fee Passport Office Acceptance Fee
Passport Photos Not applicable $15
File Search Fee $150 Non applicable
Expedited Passport Processing $60 Not applicable
1-2 Day Delivery $19.53 Not applicable


Please Note

The stated Passport application fees and passport acceptance fees are two separate fees which are received by two separate organizations. Checks for passport application fees should be made out to the U.S. Department of State, while Checks for passport acceptance fees should be made out to the Passport Office.

Furthermore, it is important to know that The Passport Office does not accept any type of bank (credit/debit) or prepaid cards. Before coming to the passport office therefore one must bring along a check book, or a money order made out to the state department for the stipulated amount that matches the type of passport one wishes to procure.

Accepted payment methods include:

Check – personal or cashier

Money order


Those are the things to bring to a passport appointment. It always pays to plan ahead and be organized. Checks can be made out to the receiving organizations ahead of the appointment, or one could just bring the checkbook or money order. The passport photos are a major obstacle to many applicants; many people simply do not pay close enough attention to the requirements for the passport photos.

Therefore, please pay attention to photo requirements, as well as every other requirement, before showing up for your passport appointment.

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