Top 100 Strongest Passports In The World (2023)

There are passports and there are passports. The most powerful passports in the world are those that command the most respect; and open the most doors. There are many factors that contribute to the strength and weakness of passports, and there is a whole science to their study.

However, it is notable that the most powerful passports are often the least used; countries want to see those passports at their airports; but many are denied the honor. Instead, it is those unwanted passports – those belonging to asylum seekers and migrant workers- that they are met with.

The respect- or lack of it- accorded to passports can be used to gauge the strength of the economies of the countries to which they belong.

Top 100 Strongest Passports In The World

1. Singapore

Visa Free Countries: 194

The Singaporean passport is the most powerful in the world as at 2023 because it enables holders to gain access to 194 countries without the need of visas.

At the same time, this is probably one of the scarcest passports to see because Singapore only has a population of 5.4 million people, and it is not even known what percentage of that population are travel aficionados.

Nevertheless, Singaporeans wield immense influence; this is the country with the biggest concentration of wealth per km2- the average Singaporean is a millionaire. Every country wants to have millionaires; and so Singaporeans are always welcome.

2. Japan          

Visa Free Countries: 192

The Japanese Passport was the strongest passport in the world as at 2022; it has temporarily lost the position to Singapore. The Japanese passport is welcome to 192 countries even without a visa; and it is still arguably the most respected passport in the world.

Japan is a wealthy country of 125.7 million people; and the people love to travel. However, Japanese citizens do not usually travel to other countries for the purpose of work; they often do so to have a taste of other cultures.

Japan is one of the most important countries in Asia; it wields considerable influence both in the east and west. This country is a hub of technology, manufacturing, finance, and culture.

3. Germany    

Visa Free Countries: 191

Germany is one of the most efficiently managed countries in the world; it is a country of 83 million people which is located in Central Europe. Germans are famous for their love of travelling; they are present in any natural phenomenon, historical monument, or cultural festival anywhere in the world.

Germans love culture; Oktoberfest is a wonderful festival of importance in Germany; where people come in from all over the world to have a taste of what Germany has to offer in terms of culture; music, dancing, dress, and beer!

Beer is just one of the products for which the country is famous; it is also famous for its automobiles, and for its machines. Everybody wants to welcome Germans to their country; their presence is a boost to the economy.

4. Italy

Visa Free Countries: 191

Italy is one of the most culturally significant countries in the world. It is also one of the most visited countries in the world; people come in to see the Roman Monuments such as the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Obelisks, and so on. People also come in to visit the Catholic Cathedrals, and to visit the Holy See.

Italy is therefore one place that gets more people coming in than going out; and perhaps that has something to do with why the passport is so strong.

Italian Passport holders can visit 191 countries without visas; and they are known for being investors who can add value to the countries they visit.

5. South Korea           

Visa Free Countries: 191

South Korea is yet another important country in Asia; after japan and china, it is the next most important country in Asia. South Korea is quite a rich country; it is one of the largest economies in the world; and its citizens with the largest pockets wield considerable influence outside the country as well.

South Korea’s passport is well received in 191 countries around the world; making one of the most respected in Asia.

South Korea is a hub of technology; it has some of the biggest names in mobile technology, home entertainment, auto manufacture, and software development.

6. Spain          

Visa Free Countries: 191

Spain is a country in Western Europe; one of the most beautiful, and most visited countries in the world. Spain has a population of around 47 million people; and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Spain is a cultural superpower; its influences spread from North, Central and South America, and even to Africa.

The country is also one of the fashion capitals of the world, as well as hubs for sports, tourism, education, and finance.

The Spanish passport grants immediate access to 191 countries; and it is one of the most sought after passports in the world.

7. Austria        

Visa Free Countries: 190

Austria is another central European country with a very powerful passport; its citizens can enter 190 countries by just flashing their passports. Austria has just 8.9 million citizens; and most of that number may not be travelers.

This shows that its passport strength may come from diplomatic reasons. Austria is a strategic country in the heart of Europe; it is very close to Germany, and so there is great cultural and economic cooperation between both countries.

8. Finland

Visa Free Countries: 190

Finland is a country in northern Europe; it is a wealthy country of about 5.5 million people. This is one of the world’s best managed country; there are safety nets in place to protect the most vulnerable, while the country is quick to see the advantages in technology, and use them to better the lives of its people.

When the people want to travel, it is rarely to work and live in other countries because they can hardly find a better place to live. Therefore, the Finnish passport grants visa free access to 190 countries, but mostly it is for the purpose of tourism.

9. Luxembourg

Visa Free Countries: 190

The grand duchy of Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe with a population of more than 640 thousand people. Their passport grants access to 190 countries without the need for visas.

Luxembourg is a truly remarkably country; despite its small size, it is currently ranked as the richest country in the world; with the highest GDP Per Capita of any country in the world. It is the most desired visa in the world for migrating workers.

It is the sovereign wealth capital of the world; it is the number one place for offshore banking and investments.

10. Sweden     

Visa Free Countries: 190

Sweden is a country in northern Europe; one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of sovereign wealth, and GDP Per Capita. Sweden is a big country; it has a population of 10.4 million people.

With such a healthy population, most of whom are quite wealthy, it is only natural that most countries open up their doors to Sweden, which is exactly what these 190 countries have done.

The following are the 100 strongest passports in the world:

Rank Country Visa Free Destinations Location
1 Singapore 194 Asia
2 Japan 192 Asia
3 Germany


South Korea


191 Europe/ Asia
4 Austria




190 Europe
5 Denmark



United Kingdom


189 Europe
6 Belgium

Czech Republic

New Zealand




188 Europe
7 Australia


8 Canada




186 Americas/ Europe
9 United States 185 Americas
10 Lithuania


184 Europe
11 Latvia


183 Europe
12 Estonia


182 Europe
13 Liechtenstein


14 Cyprus

United Arab Emirates

15 Bulgaria



177 Europe
16 Chile


176 Americas
17 Hong Kong 172 Asia
18 Argentina 171 Americas
19 San Marino


170 Europe/Americas
20 Andorra 169 Europe
21 Brunei 167 Asia
22 Barbados 162
23 Mexico 161 Americas
24 Israel 160 Asia
25 Saint Kitts and Nevis 156 Americas
26 Bahamas 155 Americas
27 Vatican City 154 Europe
28 Seychelles


153 Africa/ Americas
29 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 151
30 Antigua and Barbuda

Trinidad and Tobago

Costa Rica

31 Saint Lucia


32 Grenada


33 Dominica 145 Americas
34 Macau



144 Asia, Europe, Americas
35 Paraguay 142
36 Peru


37 Guatemala 134 Americas
38 Colombia


39 El Salvador


Solomon Islands

40 Tonga 130
41 Venezuela 129 Americas
42 Nicaragua


128 Americas/ Oceania
43 North Macedonia 125 Europe
44 Kiribati


45 Marshall Islands 123 Oceania
46 Moldova 121 Asia
47 Palau 120 Oceania
48 Russia

Bosnia and Herzegovina


118 Europe/ Oceania
49 Georgia 116 Europe
50 Albania 115 Europe
51 Turkey 110 Europe
52 South Africa 106 Africa
53 Belize 103 Americas
54 Qatar 100 Asia
55 Vanuatu 98 Americas
56 Kuwait 97 Asia
57 East Timor 94 Asia
58 Ecuador 92 Americas
59 Nauru 90 Americas
60 Maldives 89 Americas
61 Fiji


62 Botswana



87 Africa/ Americas/Asia
63 Papua New Guinea 83
64 Oman

Saudi Arabia

82 Asia
65 China 81 Asia
66 Bolivia 80 Americas
67 Namibia


68 Belarus 78 Europe
69 Lesotho 77 Africa
70 Suriname 76
71 Kazakhstan 76
72 Eswatini 75 Africa
73 Malawi 74 Africa
74 Kenya 73 Africa
75 Tanzania 72 Africa
76 Indonesia


77 Tunisia


Dominican Republic

78 Gambia 69 Africa
79 Philippines


80 Armenia

Cape Verde


81 Cuba



82 Kyrgyzstan

Sierra Leone

83 Mozambique


84 Benin


61 Africa
85 Tajikistan

São Tomé and Príncipe

86 India



59 Asia
87 Burkina Faso 58 Africa
88 Gabon


Ivory Coast

57 Africa
89 Equatorial Guinea

Madagascar     Guinea

56 Africa
90 Togo


91 Mali


92 Algeria








93 Central African Republic


52 Africa
94 Angola


51 Africa
95 Burundi


96 Liberia



97 Djibouti 48 Africa
98 Myanmar 47
99 Ethiopia


46 Africa
100 Eritrea

South Sudan

44 Africa


Both Henley Partners, and the Passport Index (by Arton Capital); both of which are the world’s leading sources for the measurement of passport strength, arrive at their rankings after measuring the number of destinations where passport holders can travel to, using their passports alone; without the aid of visas.

These are often influenced by a number of factors including political and economic reasons. The clear trend is that countries with wealthier populations are often accepted to travel visa free to most countries; as their expenditure in tourism or business can significantly affect the economy of those who welcome them.

Countries can sometimes achieve this kind of power for their passports even without being rich and powerful; they can do this through diplomatic means. Unfortunately poorer countries are also often too badly managed, and as a result they are unable to achieve this.


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The top 5 strongest passports in the world, surprisingly, are mostly for Asian countries; while the more traditional powerhouses in Europe make up the rest of the top 10. In the Americas, the strongest passport belongs to the USA; while Canada and Mexico have rather modest positions on the index.

African passports draw the most questions; traditionally powerful economies such as Nigeria and Egypt rank far behind countries like Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, and Gabon- most which are small countries with economies not comparable to the former.

A consideration which is not often discussed; but which may be just as important is the fact that countries may be more willing to accept passports belonging to countries whose nationals are not known to be associated with crime. In order words; they will not offer visa free privileges to countries that are known to behave badly once admitted.

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