How To Take A Passport Sized Photo With iPhone?

Knowing how to take a passport sized photo with iPhone can save one from the stress of having to look for a professional photographer, or finding a studio booth. We all know that iPhones (and other brands of smart-phones) have the technology to produce stunning pictures, some of which are put to professional use like marketing, and so on. If that is true (it is) then why don’t we just use our iPhones to take passport photos as well.

Truth is; a lot of people have been doing this. The information has just not been widespread, and as a result many people didn’t know. They do now! There is still a lot of phobia of large crowds, and as a result people are looking for ways to do a lot of things in doors. As you may know, photo booths and studios can be quite crowded at times.

Your iPhone can take great photos and save you the time and trouble of going out in search of a photo booth or a professional studio. Furthermore, the whole thing can be done in minutes.

How To Take A Passport Sized Photo With iPhone

In order to take a passport sized photo with your iPhone you are going to need:

A well lit room. No shadows must appear on your face or in the background.

A Tripod, or someone to hold the camera for you. Some tripods even have remotes to make it easier.

You will also need an app on your phone to enhance and prepare the picture. The app will even resize the pictures and change the backgrounds. There are many different types of apps that you can use; and they have different software packages that ultimately offer the same result; producing very good passport pictures.

Now for step by step instructions on how to take passport sized photos using your iPhone.

Taking A Passport Picture With Your iPhone Step By Step

Get A Passport App

The first step is probably to download a passport app on your iPhone. As mentioned above there are so many different options to choose from; some of the top names include (in no particular order) Passport Booth, Passport Photo Booth Aid, Biometric Passport Photo, iVisa, photoAid, Ams Photo Software. There are several more out there, you just have to look for anyone that feels right, and seems easy to use.

After downloading the app or software, please ensure that you have installed it on your iPhone, and that you have opened it so as to get a feel of how it works.

Take A Picture With Your Phone

Then have a friend use your iPhone to take a picture of you. Of course, you can also use a tripod, some of which have remotes for ease of use. Even without the remote, you can still use the timer in the camera, although the amount of work it takes to use these gadgets can be tiring. It is best to just have a friend or loved one snap the picture for you. Here are a few things to take note of when snapping the picture:

You need to sit (or stand) at least 3 to 7 meters away from the camera.

Face the camera with your head straight. The camera has to be on the same level with your face.

Please ensure that you set the lighting in the room so that there are no shadows on your face.

You need to keep a straight face: although a barely noticeable smile is also allowed.

You have to open your eyes fully, and keep your mouth closed.

You cannot wear glasses unless for medical reasons; and you will need a signed doctor’s note.

You cannot use Head-wear, except for medical or religious reasons. Even then, your face must still be visible, especially your chin and forehead.

Use the right Camera Mode; usually, the right camera mode depends on the distance of the camera; but it best that you use 1x and 2x. Please ensure that both the neck and shoulders are visible in the picture.

Use A Passport Photo App

The next step is to use the app which you downloaded earlier to fine tune the picture; thus optimizing it for use as a passport photograph.

This usually includes enhancing the image generally; making it clearer and balancing the colors. Most apps will automatically crop the image to 2×2”, thus eliminating the need for you to manually crop the image.

Usually you first have to open the app, and then find the picture file, thus uploading it to the app.

Some apps will automatically remove the background, replacing it with a white streak.

Some apps have AI-supported software that checks and validates the photo, ensuring that everything meets the official requirements. This reduces the stress of having the picture rejected by the authorities.

However, to ensure that the passport meets the requirements please go over the steps as highlighted in this post, and ensure that you follow them. A common mistake people make when using passport apps is that their necks and shoulders do not show on the photo they have taken. Some apps just go ahead and fine tune the pictures but ultimately they get rejected.

Printing Your Picture

In the event that you need hard copies of the passports; some apps offer the option to print them for you and have them sent via courier to your designated address.

Otherwise you can just save the picture to your gallery, hook the printer on, and print the passport right from the comfort of your home or office.

You also just send the digital file online to the passport office, depending on what instruction you have received.


Taking a passport sized photo with your iphone is not just possible; it can also be fun. While some people have the patience to do it all by themselves, using a tripod with a remote, it may be easier to just get someone to snap the pictures for you.

Photo booths charge for every shot, but you can have unlimited tries on your iPhone free or almost free, depending on the app you use.

One mistake you want to avoid is taking the picture without showing your neck, and the full length of your shoulders; such a picture will ultimately be rejected. To avoid this it is best to use the camera mode 1x and 2x, and then stand about 3 to 7 meters away from the camera.

The best light to use is natural light coming from the window; the best time to use this light is in the morning just before sunrise, or evening just before sunset.

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