How To Get PBS Passport On Roku?

Are you having a hard time getting PBS Passport on your ROKU? It is not as hard as it seems; there is just a lot of confusion about it. Roku is the service of choice for most of the country and beyond because there is a rich bouquet of information sources it offers.

ROKU also comes with many iPhones- the strategic partnership with the world’s biggest selling mobile phone brand is certainly not a bad deal; this helps make the service even more popular among the teeming population of technology users.

With so many viewing options on offer, Roku is the streaming service to beat. One of the most popular channels on Roku is the PBS, which is famous for its in-depth coverage of news articles, as well as its music, arts, and culture.

How To Get PBS Passport On Roku

In order to activate the PBS Video channel on Roku, you first need to have Roku. Roku has its own hardware with which it streams content to its customers. The decoders are plugged into the Television Sets, and so the people get entertainment and information right in their homes.

Of course, Roku also works with tablets, computers, and smart phones. So if you have a mobile phone, or personal computer, or a tablet then the first step is to download Roku on your device, which you can do from the Apple App Store, or by going to the Roku website from where you will be directed to the proper app store for your device.

The Roku website is; you can copy that and paste it in your browser. You should also set up an  account with the service; if you are visiting the website for the first time you will see a list of countries on the page, and so you will have to select your country.

After Getting The Service On Your Device

When you have the service on your device, you will be able to see the homepage with a list of programs displayed on your screen. You still have to set up PBS, and other individual channels on your Roku. Doing this is not very difficult either.

To activate PBS video channel on your Roku device for the first time, just open your Roku App, or sync on your device. On the homepage you will see different options; just select PBS.

When you select PBS you will see a screen showing some of PBS’s most popular products, which you may already be familiar with. You will also see an introductory text “Watch PBS Anywhere Anytime.” Below that you will find the text that says Activate.

That is what you need to select.

When you click on the activate button, the system shows activation instructions; including a 7 digit code. Please note that every device has a different code; so you want to make sure about the code before entering it.

You can sign in with your google account, or even your facebook. If you do not have any of those you can select the option that says “Don’t Have A PBS account? Create One Here.” If you have the PBS passport you can sign in using the same account you originally linked to your passport benefit.

After that you will see a screen that confirms to you that you have successful activated the PBS on your Roku, and you will now see the set of options available on PBS, to start your viewing experience.



That’s how you get your PBS working on Roku, whether you have a Roku device, or you use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This remains the top multimedia company in the country because it allows you to subscribe to a wide variety of news and entertainment options- Roku is therefore like an umbrella service, under which many different multimedia companies are gathered. Rather than subscribe to these other companies, one can get a better deal by getting Roku.

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