Can I Go To Mexico Without A Passport?

Mexico is the closest country to the US, and as a result, both countries have much in common in terms of language and culture. When citizens of both countries want to have a taste of another country, what first comes to mind is crossing the border. However, there is plenty of speculation about the need for passports, and other forms of documentation, when choosing to go to Mexico.

Some say there is no need for a passport, others contend that passports are not needed as far as one does not venture farther inland, while others still say that a passport is always necessary when visiting another country.

Can I Go To Mexico Without A Passport?

According to the Mexican Government; citizens of the US must present a valid passport before crossing the border into Mexico. This applies whether you are entering Mexico via air, land, or sea.

The Mexican Government makes no exceptions for minors; the rule remains the same regardless of age. The passport is necessary to identify those who come into the country- for security and record purposes.

Having identified yourself as a citizen of the United States, it is possible to cross the border into Mexico, but that may depend on your purpose for visiting.

When Visiting For Tourism

Aside from your passport, you may also be required to fill an Official Entry Immigration Form (FMM), that is depending on the length of your stay, and on how far into the country you wish to go.

The Mexican government has made it easy to visit for purposes of tourism and holiday-making; if your visit does not extend beyond the border area, you are good to go with just your passport. However, if you wish to stay more than 72 hours, and extend your visit beyond the border towns, then you need to inform the officials at the border, in which case you will be given a form to fill, which you will immediately return.

There may be some delay at the border, while the FMM is printed. Therefore, the Mexican Government advises that you print get the form online, and print out your FMM Card ahead of your visit to the country. The form can be obtained online via a designated web portal: . There used to be a cost associated with this card but it is now totally free. Just paste the link in your browser, fill the form, and print out the card.

Please ensure that your US Passport will not expire for at least 6 months after your visit. You may then show up at the border with your Passport and FMM card at the border, so as to be allowed to explore Mexico. This card is valid for 180 days.

If Visiting For Business

If visiting Mexico on business, the rules are somewhat different. You need to have something called a FM N form, which will enable you to enter Mexico for 180 days (without the possibility of extension) to do business, technical work, or other economic activity except employment.

If you find that your business requires that you stay in Mexico longer than 180 days, then you need to visit one of the Immigration Offices for an FM3 Visa.

This is a less popular type of Immigration Form; you can get it at any of the Consular Offices of Mexico in the US. Please note that at the port of entry you may be asked to provide documents showing that you are employed by a company which has a business presence in Mexico. This is not always a rule, and you are a business owner you will certainly not be required to produce such documentation.

If Going To Live Permanently in Mexico

If you intend to go Mexico to live for some time, maybe to retire, or to live for some time, then you will need to contact the Mexican Consular Office for more information, and to prepare a visa for you. You should write them at explaining your intentions.

Important details involved in this kind of documentation includes; whether you will do any business while staying in Mexico, whether you have any family or acquaintances in the country, whether you have money to finance your stay in Mexico, Where you will live, and so on.

Of course, it is possible to enter Mexico on simpler terms, with any of the documents highlighted above (as a tourist), and then go to the Consular Offices to formalize your stay as a permanent resident of Mexico.


No, you cannot go to Mexico without a passport, but you can visit the country without a visa, especially if you are planning a short visit within the border towns. Furthermore, you can even enjoy a holiday period of 180 days in Mexico just by filling a form online, and printing out a document called the FMM card.

This card used to cost $76, but is now completely free, as the Mexican Government looks to boost tourism in the country. It is even possible to get an FMM card issued to you if you show up at the border crossing with just your valid passport, although there may be some considerable wait time.


Take Note:

There are no additional processes, tests, or quarantines needed to visit Mexico, but you are advised to maintain all precautions associated with Covid 19, and also to follow whatever regulations apply in any state within Mexico which you may happen to visit.

If you are going with your car there are additional forms to fill (you are essentially importing a car) so as to enable you drive your car in Mexico.

When you get to Mexico you can dial 078 from any phone; and you will receive information such as popular tourist attractions, car hires, directions to hotels and motels, hospitals, consulate offices, banks, fairs and exhibitions, and so on.

Coming into Mexico by air, one is allowed to bring in $500 worth of merchandise, or if coming in by land one can bring in $300.

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