Can I Change My Passport Number After Booking A Flight?

If you are asking if you can change your passport number after booking a flight, then you are probably going to be in a hurry to get an answer because this is a timely situation. The flight is probably going to take off in around 2 weeks, and you probably have a lot to prepare.

There are so many conflicting answers to this simple question, and this makes it a bit confusing. Furthermore, when a person says he wants to change the passport number, you have to be sure of exactly what he means because changing a passport number could mean changing a passport, or changing the person who is booked to travel on a flight.

Can I Change My Passport Number After Booking A Flight?

Yes, and no, depending on the particular circumstances, and where the flight is booked, you may or may not be able to change your flight number. The only way to understand this better is to bring up particular instances.

Your passport number (also called Passport Document Number on some forms) is the alphanumeric combination at the top right corner of your passport’s information page.

This number is associated with all your personal information. It is a sensitive bit of information which represents your identity, and everything that goes with it. Interestingly, your passport number changes when a new passport is issued.

You Can Change Your Passport Number If

If you have already booked a flight, before discovering that your passport has expired, then it may become expedient that you change the passport number. You may do this online by going to the airline website, and clicking on “Manage Booking.” With some airlines you may need to call their customer care numbers ahead of the flight, and ask them nicely to help with making this change.

But do you have a new passport? On the average, it takes about 11 weeks to get a new passport, so unless you already have the passport in hand, or you have already applied for the passport some weeks ahead of the present time, it is generally a bad idea to think about changing the passport number.

This is because it is extremely unlikely that you will receive the new passport in time for the flight. This may be unless you will be paying for the expedited passport, in which case you could get the passport in 6 weeks or less. In that case you can enter your passport number to hold the spot until your new passport arrives.

If You Have Made An Error In Your Passport Number

It is also possible to still have a valid passport but want to change the passport number because you have made an error when filling the form in the first place. In that case it is good thing that you have found this error out before it becomes too late.

If your passport is still valid, but you have made a mistake, you can go to the airline’s website (same one you used to book the flight), and then click on the “Manage Booking” or “Manage My Reservation” icon to change the passport number, or any other personal detail you may wish to change.

You may call the airline customer care on the phone, for further assistance on the matter.

You Cannot Change The Identity To Fly

You cannot change the person’s identity who is billed to travel on a flight that has been booked; that means you cannot decide against traveling, and opt to elect someone. You cannot also change your name, gender or anything else. Most times, you can also not make any changes to the booking if it was made through a travel agent who controls the booking.

It is also important to note that you cannot make any changes to a booking once you have been checked in at the airport. At that point your details have been finalized, and sent to a central database, and then no changes can be made.

In some countries and on some airlines it is not allowed at all to change your passport number. It seems that this may have something to do with the lack of technology to deal with this. In most cases passengers cannot ask if they will be able to make changes to a booking after it has been made. Therefore, the goal should be to provide all the information accurately so that there is no need to make any changes.



Yes, under some circumstances, it is possible to change your passport number after a flight has been booked. This can be done online; airline websites usually have a feature that says “Manage a Booking” or “Manage My Reservation.” However, this feature should not be abused; one should use this if he has made an error has been made in entering the passport number, of if the old passport has expired, while another has been obtained.

Even if the old passport has expired, but a new one has not been obtained, it is not a good idea to change the passport number until a new one has been obtained, and if it seems unlikely that a new one will arrive before the date of the flight, then the best thing may be to cancel the flight, and seek a refund.

Then after the new passport has been obtained, one may go ahead and book another flight, this time being careful to input the correct passport number, as well as other details.

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